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moong javatri papad

Traditionally Papad is preserved using Black gram flour, lentil flour, with Papad khar and cotton seed oil added. These ingredients are made into tight dough and formed into a thin, round shape. As the dough is prepared, the papad can be seasoned with the variety of different ingredients such as black pepper, red chillies, cumin, or other spices. Papad is an Indian appetizer or snack. It is a type of flatbread or wafer. Round in shape, Papad may be heated or prepared in a variety of ways. Papad can be made from a variety of base ingredients, which are generally starches. Though internationally esteemed, these wafers or Indian flatbreads are particularly popular in northern India. The term for the cuisine was shortened to “Papad” in this region. Papad is made of one or a combination of the following: flour, lentils, or black gram. Black gram, otherwise known as Moong or black lentil, is not a true lentil. It is actually a bean. When ground into a paste, the texture or black gram is ideal for Papad. In northern India, these crackers are often made from lentils. it is typically ground or mashed and mixed with other ingredients. Salt and peanut oil are typically added, regardless of what else is in the dough. It is generally a protein- and fibre – rich dish.

Moong Papad Recipes 

  • ✓ Moong dal flour
  • ✓ Udad dal flour
  • ✓ Black pepper
  • ✓ Hing
  • ✓ Salt
  • ✓ Javatri
  • ✓ Saji