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moong medium masala papad

Our organisation is a renowned name in the market for manufacturing crisp and tasty Papad. Our Moong Dal Papad is a premium product, specially prepared for food lovers. These products are manufactured with natural ingredients, for delivering healthy products with a good quality to our clients. MOONG MEDIUM MASALA PAPAD, which are known for their mouth watering aroma and purity. Processed using supreme quality ingredients like Moong dal flour, salt, and edible oil, our products are appreciated across the India. After all the ingredients are mixed in proper proportion, it is rolled into Papads and dried in sun. These Papads are highly delicious in taste and adds taste to the meals. Our products are well known for the Freshness, Premium taste, aroma, Indian traditional food item, cooked by roasting them over an open flame and also delicious in taste.

Moong Papad Recipes 

  • ✓ Moong dal flour
  • ✓ Udad dal flour
  • ✓ Black pepper
  • ✓ Hing
  • ✓ Salt
  • ✓ Saji